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My name is Marta, I am a violinist and Alexander Technique teacher.

The desire to learn, to open new musical horizons and a great curiosity brought me to The Netherlands in 2013, with a violin and a suitcase. What I couldn't imagine then was the long journey I took to get between these lines.

A few weeks after landing in the new country, I had an idea of ​​the required quality and level. It would take effort and concentration. It is said that if you work hard, there is reward, right!? Despite my best efforts, some adversity arose along the way: pressure and competitiveness to face a limited world of work, the fear of being wrong, the anxiety of exposing myself, and the pain in my right wrist. Gradually, creativity and my own voice faded.


Amidst many questions, I began attending Alexander Technique lessons; I remember leaving the room being lighter and with less pressure in many senses, it was like opening small windows of questions and answers every week. Once, I played the violin with one wide bow stroke and... to my surprise, when I was breathing calm and open, the sound of the violin grew too!

At the end of my classical violin studies at the Maastricht Conservatory, I chose four pieces that inspired me (Biber, Mendelssohn, Cervelló and Piazzolla). Connecting with each of them transported me to different stories over time; different languages, sounds, perspectives. Communicate it and transmit it through the instrument. Here there was also a new beginning with the baroque violin and the historical informed practice.

And that’s how, having soaked in great masters of music and life, I immersed myself in the Alexander Technique training at ATCA center, in Amsterdam. Building “another way” possible and real; less tense and lighter. Paying attention to my daily habits; as I move, think and feel, and thus find balance in doing and undoing. Understanding that learning to listen oneself is vital to being able to sound in totality.

Thanking all the way full of movement and experiences, I am opening this space with great enthusiasm! As a constant learner and student; integrating music and presence into this living experience.



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Biography · CV

Marta Atcher Soler was born in Manresa in 1994. She is a violinist and Alexander Technique teacher based in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

In 2018 she obtained the Bachelor diploma (classical violin) at Maastricht Conservatory, under the guidance of Kyoko Yonemoto. She entered the fascinating world of early music, passionated about the sonority of the baroque violin. Marta is currently studying her master's degree with Emmanuel Resche-Caserta at Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Marta is an Alexander Technique teacher graduated in December 2021 at the prestigious ATCA center in Amsterdam (directors Tessa Marwick and Paul Versteeg). She integrates this bodymind method in her playing and teaching as a foundation and support. Marta is currently teaching in Amsterdam AT Center and Heemskerk Cultuurhuis; plus gives workshops for musicians in Catalonia and The Netherlands.

She has participated in different chamber ensembles and orchestras throughout Spain, Catalonia, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and Romania. A constant learner, combining teaching and performing as a way of inspiration, share and growth.



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