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The Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique: Image
Alexander Technique: What

What is AT 

The Alexander Technique is a practical method that allows you to learn how to use your body and mind in unity, and thus gain balance, coordination and effectiveness of movement and, improve overall well-being. Over time we build habits, and unconsciously we incorporate them into our way of doing and being. We often add tension and effort patterns that are unnecessary and interfere with our activity.

“You can’t do something you don’t know, if you keep on doing what you do know” – F.M. Alexander

Alexander Technique: Who

Who is AT for?

The Alexander Technique is recommended for everyone.

  • If you suffer from physical pain: muscle or joint pain, neck, back or lower back pain, respiratory distress, postural problems or chronic pain.

  • If you want to improve your professional development: allow more efficiency, prevent injuries, perform to your full potential (musicians, actors, dancers, athletes, etc.)

  • If you want to deepen your own connection, presence, self-awareness and authenticity.

  • If you want to improve the effectiveness and quality of your actions, preventing possible injuries (working with the computer, doing yoga, cooking, public speaking, any activity with repetitive movements).

  • If you experience anxiety, stress, fatigue.

  • If you wish to live with more quality, comfort, lightness and vitality.

How it works

"People do not decide their future: they decide their habits and habits decide their future" - F.M Alexander


Alexander Technique classes are taught individually, with a duration of 50 minutes.

During the sessions, the student explores their own functioning and what the direct effect is on their organism. They become aware of their own habits, get acquainted with how to carry them out in a healthier way, so that they can make better use of themself and their well-being at all times.


Depending on the needs of each person, the number of classes may vary. In order to gain some autonomy from the learning process, between 15 and 30 classes are recommended to start incorporating the technique in daily life.

There is also the possibility of group introductory workshops (for all ages) or workshops adapted to different areas (musician’s work, movement and body awareness, prevention tools and study habits).








Alexander Technique: How
Alexander Technique: Origins

Origins of AT

Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) was an actor from Australia, who started having respiratory problems and losing his voice on stage. He tried to follow all kinds of recommendations such as not talking until the moment of the performance or resting his voice with periods of silence but it wasn’t effective enough as the problem kept returning. As a result, he started an investigation and self-exploration to determine the cause of his problem.

Alexander Technique: Product Slider

AT lessons in Amsterdam & Workshops

Tuesdays 15.00 - 21.00h / Saturdays

Karel Doormanstraat 127 (Amsterdam West)

Workshops: Introductory work for schools and institutions, Workshops for musicians.

Visit the page "Workshops" to know more about the courses.

Prices: contact me for more information. 

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